I rap but does that mean I'm just a rapper? Its about being a figure which gives people the inspiration to better life. A musician is what i am and an artist is what you who listens and takes from my music makes me.  I'm eighteen with a "Dream" of discovering myself in the music. The "Chosen Rap kid" is what i live to achieve. My goal is to Inspire many into achieving their own dreams.

I'm hoping to inspire all those who listen to my music. Started making music at the age of sixteen but always had the passion for music. Wrote my first song called 'Stronger' and after that everything just clicked on what i had to do... i want to help better music giving that different sound, different feel... something that will appeal to all people. l want to be better than the best by keeping my music Relevant, Relate-able and Real the "3R rule". Call myself Cloudy cause i aspire to do big things of great height. I want to reach a level which people are yet to see musicians reach. I think music is the best way i can fully express myself and influence all people. I feel like I've got more than enough to tell my audience cause the messages I'm spreading are all things we can all relate to, we all tune in to listen to the best kind of music that has meaning, music that's relate-able to peoples emotion and feelings. I make real music... I do this for real cause this is what i have chosen to do. 

My Motto is L.L.P  Live Life Progress   

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